South Coast Window Tinting company offers unique custom window tinting services for all of your window tinting needs. We are a specialty window tinting shop with a core focus on Residential and Home window tinting Orange County, Commercial Window Tinting company Orange County, Store Front Window Tinting Orange County and of course Auto Glass Window Tinting Orange County. 

Car Windshield Tinting Orange County window tinting companyWith over 15 years of experience South Coast Window Tinting can offer window tinting to fit every need within every area of the business, office window tint, store front anti-graffiti window film, retail security window film, decorative glass window films, clear uv tint, ceramic window tint, commercial tinting, car tinting, auto tint, car window tinting, building window tint, privacy tinting, limo tint, reflective tint, and home tint with a huge cooling cost reduction!  

For the Best Window tinting service in Orange County, call “South Coast Window Tinting Company” at 949-422-5486; and remember, “we’ve got you covered”!