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What are the Benefits of Hybrid Auto Tinting?

Hybrid window tinting is a new trend in car tinting and offers the best of both dyed and metalized films. It has excellent heat blocking capacity without having reflective looks. If you are looking for a high performance film that lasts longer, hybrid is the perfect Auto Tinting Orange County option. It gets more of its sunlight blocking properties from the metalized layer.

How is Hybrid Window Tinting Made?

Hybrid tinting films have both metal and dyes. One of the best types of these films contains titanium and gray dye. Without the titanium, the dye component would make the film too dark. And without the dye, the titanium component would make the film too reflective. The combination of the two creates a less reflective yet bright film.

When you choose hybrid films, darkness shouldn’t be seen as a measure of heat resistance. However, you can choose darker Auto Tinting Orange County for increased privacy.

Carbon-based Hybrid Tinting

There is a unique line of hybrid Auto Tinting Orange County that is has carbon as one its components. These films feature black finish that is long lasting and doesn’t easily fade. It can block out more than 99% of ultraviolet rays. The fresh look of the film lasts for a long time.

Non-interference with Signals

Hybrid window tinting has a major advantage over metalized tinting that it doesn’t interfere with cell phone or radio signals. It doesn’t contain as much metal as in metalized films. Your navigation systems will not be affected if you apply this type of tinting film. The films with carbon in place of metal are even better in this regard.

Thus, there are many advantages of applying hybrid Auto Tinting Orange County. It provides the better of the two most commonly used types of window tinting without each one’s disadvantages.


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