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What are the Advantages of Dyed Auto Window Tinting?

When it comes to Auto Window Tinting, you will come across the option of dyed window film.

It is widely used because it is simpler and is available in a wide range of colors and with

different properties. You can choose the right option based on what your needs and

preferences are. There are many reasons you would prefer it over many other options.

What is Dyed Tinting Film?


Dyed Auto Window Tinting has an adhesive layer followed by a layer of dye and a top coat for

protection. You can choose the right type to block the required level of natural light, UV rays,

and IR rays. It is the adhesive layer that goes against the window glass. The protective coat

provides the essential scratch resistance. There are many advantages of using this type of

window film for your car.



 The dark, matte-styled looks of some types of dyed films are highly valued for their

aesthetic effects.

 Dyed Auto Window Tinting is the most cost-effective window film for your car.

 It is highly effective in reducing fading due to sunlight

 It can create the darkest effect possible and can also block out glare from sunlight and

bright headlights.

 It doesn't interfere with radio and cell phone signals

 Dyed window tinting is non-reflective

Dyed Auto Window Tinting has non-reflective properties both outside and inside the vehicle. It

can provide up to 99% protection against UV rays and high level of heat reduction due to sun’s

rays. If you want to apply window tinting that provides you high level of UV and IR protection,

looks elegant and doesn't cost much, dyed tinting film is the ideal choice. They can also last for

years and offer excellent return on your investment. Thus, there are more than enough reasons

for choosing this type of tint film for your vehicle.


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