The Benefits of Boat Tinting Newport Beach

Owning a boat in Newport Beach is such a fun hobby! Surely nothing beats that glimmering view of unblemished skies, blue-green ocean and tumbling waves from the stern of your cherished ship. Summer and the sun, however, can damage your boat, making it appear worn, tattered and unkempt. Left unprotected by the shield of boat tint, windows can crack and fade in a matter of months, leaving you with a rundown shell of a cruiser that once was. Don’t let the elements suck the majesty out of your boat- when you’re on the water, boat tinting is a must!

Keep your boat looking Sharp

Our boat tinting film protects your ship from a variety of different antagonists. The strong coat that shields glass windows effectively blocks out the sun’s thermal rays, ensuring the long life and vivid appearance of your leather interiors. No longer will you feel blinded by the reflection of sunlight, obstructing your view of the great, open ocean. Rather, our solar-control boat tinting film will further reduce the intense glare from your view, allowing you to captain your ship safely with confidence and ease.

Protect your skin from UV Rays

Of course, the addition of tint to your boat’s windows will effectively protect vulnerable passengers, as well. Boat Tinting can help you be more comfortable in your cabin by blocking out harmful UV rays and solar heat, giving you a place to get away from the sun! This will provide an extra protective layer against the UV rays that cause skin cells to develop cancer. Solar control window films can block up to 59% of solar heat and 99% of damaging Ultra Violet rays. For more information, visit the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Safely set sail with pride, knowing that you’ve beat the heat by taking the recommended prevention steps! Let us help you install the the right film for your vessel.