Newport Beach Car Window Tinting

Whether you’re only interested in keeping the sun and heat out, or concerned with privacy on the road or when parked, applying window tinting to your car’s windows is a preferred necessity in Southern California, and a popular option for drivers all over the United States.

Reduce Glare & UV Exposure

Our Newport Beach Car Window Tinting services can control the glare that usually present in the cars side windows. In addition, cutting down the glare in your car can prevent eyestrain and fatigue on longer drives, decreasing your chances of an accident. However, if it’s your porcelain skin that you’re worrying about, our window films guarantee to filter out 30% of UV light, some of our tints even filter out 95%!

Reducing the Temperature

Making sure to moderate the heat and UV radiation that enters your car can add some serious life to the interior, keeps fabrics and leathers from fading and prevents cracking in plastic trim. In addition, tinting the windows on your car, particularly in a place like Newport Beach can make a huge difference in your car’s air conditioning performance, and in turn improves the countries fuel economy. Statistics show that our car window tinting Newport Beach services can keep about approximately 80% of the solar heat that is entering your car as we speak.

Increased Security

Chances are that you’ve had something stolen out of your car before. However, our car window tinting in Newport Beach can decrease your chances of someone burglarizing your car because it makes it more difficult to see the personal effects in the interior!

Film Tinting

Our film tinting services are the most popular method on the market today. Let’s talk a bit about how film tinting works. A thin tinted polymer film is initially applied very carefully to the window of your car. However, the window must be perfectly clean before application or you’ll see bubbles. This polymer comes in a wide variety of shades and outward appearances. Some of the more trending window tints that we’ve been installing lately are flat, reflective, and metallic and yes, even mirrored window tint. Our window tint comes with a lifetime warranty, if you ever have issues with the tint itself degrading our manufacturers will supply you with new tint for free!

If you’re interested in our Newport Beach Window Tinting Services don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to making your car feel new again with our affordable window tinting services!