Making sure that your car’s windows are tinted is a great way to reduce glare and heat, particularly for those of us living in Southern California. If you’ve recently decided to tint your windows it’s important to know what you’re options are. Consumers general have two options for tinting their windows, they can do it themselves with a cheap window tinting kit, or hire a professional. Although doing it yourself is generally less costly, we guarantee that you’ll be much more satisfied with the appearance of your tinted windows if you hire a professional.

Thermally Fitted

Our windshield films are thermally fitted to every last curve of your automobiles windshield, and can be installed on a same day basis! The film’s adhesive is unbelievable strong and can withstand high-powered car wash streams without issues.

Safety & Local Tinting Regulations

Because car windows that are tinted too dark create a safety concern for law enforcement officers, our Car Windshield Tinting in Orange County make it our business to stay up to date with the states window tint regulations. Let us make sure that you stay on the right side of the law while also installing enough tint to your cars window to ensure your belongings are kept safe.

Tinting Car Windows Yourself?

Unless you’re particularly familiar with window tenting, you’ll likely come to the realization that window film in general is hart to work with. Even the slightest breeze can put cracks or wrinkles in store purchased DIY window tint kits, and most inexperienced window tinters end up with dust or other debris stuck all over their window film. However, our experienced staff has access to the highest grade automobile window tinting film on the market today and knows how to apply window film correctly the first time.

Contact Us!

Our Orange County Car Windshield Tinting services are not only affordable, but experienced. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results and won’t be able to wait to cruise around town. One of our most popular requests right now is installing film that is total clear, specifically to protect a car’s occupants from 99% of UV rays and 40% of solar heat.

If you’re interested in our windshield tinting in Orange County don’t hesitate to call us today! We look forward to protecting you and your passengers skin from Southern California’s ever present sun rays. You can contact us at 949.422.5486