Car Tint with South Cost Window Tinting a Exclusive 3M dealer

Car tint-When you live in Southern California the most important thing is your vehicle. When you spend a lot of time driving around getting your car tinted is an investment that makes your driving experience more enjoyable. Window film blocks out heat and protects you from the Ultra Violet Rays. When Commuting to work or getting stuck in rush hour traffic your left unprotected from the sun harmful rays for hours at a time everyday all year long. That is when the Ultra Violet rays can effect your face and hands.

– What are UV ray ? They are the damaging rays that give you sunburn and fade your interior. If the interior in your vehicle can fade imagine what it’s doing to your face. Car tinting is recommended by the Skin Cancer Association, its like sunscreen for your windows.

Privacy is also a great reason to get car tint. You wont have to worry about leaving valuable computers, cell phones, gulf clubs, cameras,stereos or any other expensive item.  If a thief cant see in to the car the less likely they will be to break into the vehicle and steel valuable items.

We have a professional staff at South Coast Window Tinting that is ready to help you choose the right film for your car. We are and south orange county exclusive 3M dealer.  This is the best film on the market that is scientifically advanced. These high quality 3M products come with a lifetime warranty that is  backed by the manufacture.  Give us a call today for a free estimate