Automotive Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting in Newport Beach

Whether you’re only interested in keeping the sun and heat out, or concerned with privacy on the road or when parked, applying window tinting to your car’s windows is a preferred necessity in Southern California, and a popular option for drivers all over the United States.

Reduce Glare & UV Exposure
Our Newport Beach Car Window Tinting […]

Orange County’s Top High Quality Window Tinting Company

If you’re currently a resident of Southern California, you know that the sun is a very powerful force. If your residence has north or south facing windows, you know firsthand that the heat can get a little overwhelming and increase your air conditioning bill. Utilizing window tent to block the sun’s rays in your home […]

Custom Window Tinting in Irvine

Looking for professional window tinting services in Irvine but don’t want to break your bank? At South Coast Window Tinting we provide the most affordable service in the area. With over 20 years of experience we’ve come to build strong relationships with providers like Solar Hard and Suntek that provide lifetime warranties against bubbling, peeling […]