If you’re currently a resident of Southern California, you know that the sun is a very powerful force. If your residence has north or south facing windows, you know firsthand that the heat can get a little overwhelming and increase your air conditioning bill. Utilizing window tent to block the sun’s rays in your home can make for a huge advantage. At South Coast Window Tinting, we have high quality window tinting services in Orange County and deliver only the best, which includes a lifetime warranty that is carried by all of our manufactures.

Making sure that the windows in your home are all solar controlled is a great way to put a High Quality Window Tinting Orange County.

serious dent in your energy bill, specifically in the summers. By keeping solar heat out in the summer and trapping it inside throughout the winter, your air conditioning unit will have to be turned on less than ever before. Some of the window film that we provide can block up to a whopping 80% of the sun’s rays that would enter otherwise. In addition, the films can keep harmful skin-damaging UV rays from fading your furniture, flooring and possessions.

High Quality Window Tinting

Protect Your Windows

Did you know that the majority of documented home intrusions in the United States are accessed through residential windows? Employing our high quality window tinting service in Orange County can guarantee that your homes windows will not shatter. Our Safety and Security film has been contracted and installed in a number of buildings owned by the US government in the area. If you’re looking more to secure your home against possible intruders, we can install within the week! Our high quality window tinting service of Orange County provides our clients with only the best results.

Reducing Glare

Don’t bother with shades! Make sure that your view is priceless with our affordable window tinting services! Our window film reduces glare, blocks reflections and boost the natural colors in the view from your home! Our highly trained film installers have an eye for helping our clients choose the best window film for their residence. They’ll make sure that the film suits your needs and the spaces needs so that after installation your home will look brand new!

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