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Paint Protection Film - South Coast Window Tinting

Our paint protection film provides proven protection to your car’s paint against scratches, flying debris and dents. The self-healing scratch repair property will provide you peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel. South Coast Window Tinting deals in the most scientifically advanced paint protective film that exists- the 3M Scotch Guard.




Why Choose Us?

Some of the key advantages of choosing our paint protection film service include:
 Invisible paint protection that doesn’t interfere with the paint’s color or looks
 Self-healing scratch repair to ensure that the original looks are retained
 Protection against intentional or unintentional scratches, dents and flying debris
 Our paint protection film installation team has over two decades of experience in the


Our paint protective film installing head has worked with the leading shops in and around
California for over 20 years.When you choose South Coast Window Tinting, you are choosing the services of an authorized 3M Invisible paint protection film dealer. We have been in the auto tinting business of decades and have built a solid reputation of delivering excellence in product and service quality. Client satisfaction is at the core of all our services, inspiring us to deliver only the best.



Need for Paint Protection

We at South Coast Window Tinting bring you paint protection film directly from the company
that created the technology in the first place. Also known as ‘Clear Bra’, the film provides
protection to your vehicle’s finish against scratches, stains, rock chips (flying debris on road),
and even bug acids. The film provides excellent clarity and you will not have to worry about it
yellowing over time. It is also maintenance free due to its high durability.




With our paint protection film, your vehicle will look polished and shiny for years!

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