Window Tinting Policy 
Here at South Coast Window Tinting we strive to please our customers; we do have some shop rules which helps us run a better business.

-Warranties cover bubbling, peeling and fading of film, warranties do not cover scratches or ticketing.

-If you receive a fix it ticket we will remove film for free but re-tinting is going to be $60 dollars.

-If a no call/no show applies for your group on or living social appointment your voucher will be charged and you will lose your appointment.

-Group on and living social coupons only apply to those specific vehicle type; 4 or 2 door sedans only.

-When cars are left overnight South Coast Window is not responsible for the vehicles. Cars will be left locked in the parking lot.
Window Tinting Legalities 

Here in sunny Southern California, there are specific window tinting legalities that we must abide by in order to enjoy our ride to the fullest degree. Window tint is illegal on the two front doors of a vehicle. The ticket is considered a vehicle violation. The coast varies from county to county according to the court and is generally $25.00 (as long as it is removed) and $8 to get it signed off. If you don’t comply with removal of the film, it can cost into the hundreds of dollars. We recommend a clear film which can block up 40% of solar heat and 99% of UV Rays.