Looking for affordable window tinting services in Irvine, California? Even if you’ve only been living in Southern California for a couple of months now, we’re sure that you’re already well aware that the SoCal sun is force to be reckoned with. Additionally, if your current home has any North or South facing window, you know firsthand that things can get a little too hot for comfort, and in turn negatively impact your air conditioning bill! By installing window tint on the North and South facing windows in your home, you can keep all of the money that you’ve been paying in electric bills. At South Coast Window Tinting, we offer Irvine’s most professional and affordable window tenting services. Our wide array of services offers residential, commercial and auto window tinting services.

Hand in Hand: Residential Window Tinting and Electricity Bills

By ensuring that the windows exposed to the sun in your home are all professionally tinted and solar controlled is the most effective way to keep your electric bills in check, particularly in the summer months. After tinting has been applied to the windows in your home, you’ll immediately notice that you use your air conditioner less than ever before. With a huge collection of different types of window tints to choose from, we can help block up to 80% of the sun’s rays that are entering your home. This can help prevent damage to your furniture and more permanent residential installations like sensitive wood flooring.

Residential Window Tinting and Safety

Are you aware that most of the reported home intrusions in the United States begin by breaking a window? By tinting the windows at your personal residence with South Coast Window Tinting, we can guarantee that your windows will not shatter. In fact, we’ve already been installing our safety and security window film to secure the windows of several building owned by the US government. Make sure that your family and possessions are safe with our intrusion preventative safety window film services.

Safe Guard Your Windows

Did you know that the majority of documented home intrusions in the United States are accessed through residential windows? Applying our affordable window tinting security film to the windows in your house can guarantee that your windows will not shatter. Our Safety and Security film has been contracted and installed in a number of buildings owned by the US government in the area. If you’re looking more to secure your home against possible intruders, we can install within the week!

Contact Us for Residential Window Tinting in Irvine

If you’re interested in contacting us for our residential window tinting services, or simply have questions regarding our safety and security window film don’t hesitate, contact us today! We look forward to helping you minimize your electricity payments while also securing your homes perimeter.