Top 5 Types of Affordable Auto Tinting Options

There is much more to tinting your car’s windows than the sporty and stylish look that comes with it. It can help protect your car’s costly interior linings and upholstery and even the passengers from harmful UV rays. If you are looking for affordable auto tinting, the cost will depend on the types of window films available. So it is important to know about the different types of window films and their benefits.

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Here are the top 5 Types of Affordable Auto Tinting Options

affordable auto tinting Commercial Window Tinting Company -Orange County

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1. Metalized Window Films

Metalized window films, as the name suggests, help in keeping out most of the heat by reflecting the sun’s radiation. The film has tiny metal particles in it that reflect a significant percentage of the light. Besides, the presence of metal in the film also helps add strength to it. It will also protect your car’s windows from getting shattered in case of an accident. It is also much more scratch resistant than other films. It may not be the most affordable auto tinting, but once installed it will last long and can save you more in the long term.

2. Dyed Window Films

The dyed window films have multiple layers:

  • Dye
  • Adhesive layer
  • Polyester layer

It is the adhesive layer that goes against the glass. It is the top polyester layer that protects against scratches. This is a more affordable auto tinting. If you want to create dark effects without reflective properties, this is the ideal option. A good thing about it is that it will not interfere with radio signals. Other benefits include anti-glare properties against headlamps, protection from fading, and cost effectiveness.

3. Hybrid Window Films

Hybrid window film is also affordable and offers the best of metalized and dyed filming. The different layers in this type of film are:

  • Adhesive layer
  • Metalized layer
  • Dyed layer
  • Top coating for protection

All these layers are strongly bonded with laminating adhesive. It is a highly effective window filming for blocking heat, UV rays and glare. This affordable auto tinting also helps in minimizing the effect of fading from sunlight. Thanks to the metalized layer the film helps enhance the window’s durability. Despite having the metallic content, it does not interfere with radio or mobile phone signals. This is because it contains lower amount of metallic content.

4. Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic window film is also relatively affordable car window film. It features 3 layers:

  • Adhesive layer
  • Ceramic layer
  • Top protective coating

The job of the ceramic layer is to provide a dark effect and reflect heat. It is highly effective when it comes to blocking heat, glare and UV rays. It is much more resistant to fading as compared to dyed films. Ceramic layer also does not interfere with radio signals and has lesser reflective properties than its metalized counterpart.

5. Carbon Window Films

Carbon window films are also affordable auto tinting. They don’t feature any metallic content, so you don’t have to worry about the use of your cell phone. These films will typically have matte and dark finish. The carbon present is capable of blocking out 40% of IR radiations that could heat up the car’s interiors. It will also help in minimizing interior fading.

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