Top Reasons Why Your Home Needs Residential Window Tinting

You can have your home’s windows tinted just like your car’s and prevent all the heat and harmful UV rays from entering in. Quality residential window tinting can last for years. It can help reduce energy costs, glare and sun damage. There are many other benefits of tinting your home’s windows.

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There are many other benefits of tinting your home’s windows.

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1. Skin Protection From UV Rays

Good residential window tinting can not only help in protecting your home and interior, it can also save your skin from UV rays. Your skin will not be exposed as much to these cancer-causing rays. Thus, you will be providing a safer environment for your family to live in. Direct sunlight is recognized as a carcinogen and it has been tested and proven to be a cause of skin cancer. Studies show that tints can block almost 99% of these rays.

2. More Privacy

Another advantage of installing residential window tinting is that it can add more privacy to your home. You can tint all the glass openings into your home including those in the street-facing windows, and those outside your bedrooms and bathrooms. The more privacy you need, the darker can be the tint. These films also work the same way as in your car. They allow you to see outside but those outdoors cannot see inside.

3. Protect your Furniture & Other Assets

Your home and all your belongings inside are your investments. Tinted windows can help in extending the lifespan of your assets including the furniture, carpets, paintings and other items. UV rays have been known to cause serious damage to almost all types of materials. Even if your windows have a small amount of tint, it can help in extending the life of your items. As quality tints can help block 99% of sun’s radiations, you will be able to prevent fading.

4. More Energy Savings

When you install residential window tinting, it can help in significantly reducing your energy costs. Research shows that these films are capable of reducing up to 60% of heat from entering your home. So your cooling costs will certainly fall, helping you save big in the long term. Even during the winter months, the tint films can help in preventing heat loss from the windows. Thus, you will be saving throughout the year.

Homeowners lose almost 50% on their utility bills annually because of heat loss through windows. If your windows are tinted, you will be able to save most of this amount. They will help maintaining your interior temperatures for longer duration while removing the hot and cold spots.

You may be constructing a new home or you may want to make your home more energy efficient. Whatever the reason, there are many advantages of installing residential window tinting. You will be able to recover the cost within a few years. Besides, you will also create a healthy, comfortable and safe environment for your family. So if you have not tinted your windows yet, it is time you took the first step.

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