Window Glass Tinting

Window Glass Tinting is Mandatory when you live in Southern California. When you spend a lot of time driving around it is important to make your self comfortable and protected from Solar Energy! Here at South Coast Window Tinting we do Window Glass Tinting whether it’s auto, residential, commercial, Rv, mobile homes or RVs.

Window Glass Tinting - South Coast WIndow Tinting

Lower Energy Costs

One of the most overlooked costs of running a business is the energy costs associated with the heating and cooling of a building. The harmful sun rays come through the windows and raise the temperature in the office. This in turn causes owners to turn up the air conditioning, which will be reflected when the energy bill comes. Window Glass tinting protects businesses from the unexpected costs by keeping the temperature of the office down.


Physical Appearance

A fresh window tint can really have an immediate impact on the appearance of your building. The darkened windows make your business look sharp and comforting. For restaurants it shows escape from the hot summer weather and for others it makes it look more professional. It directly affects the perception of your business, so why not give your business the best chance. A few extra customers brought in the door will pay for the tinting itself! Whatever your business is, a new window glass tinting job can have an immediate impact.


Reduce Glare & Improve Productivity

I’m sure every business runs into the problem of employees getting distracted. This can be from the glare of a computer screen, day dreaming outside, or staring at a passer-by. Regardless of how someone gets distracted it has the same effect: loss in productivity. A commercial window tint will reduce the tint on the computer screens; reduce outside visibility from the employee, as well as, the passer by. Window Glass Tinting is a great way to increase work productivity.


Maintain a Fresh Image

When someone first walks into your business the first thing they will see are your windows. Windows collect dirt and streak, making them unattractive to the customer. This results in a customer walking past your business. The maintenance to clean windows can be costly, as window cleaners tend to gouge their prices because of the high demand. Window glass tinting disguises the dirt and streaks, extending the time in between window cleaning services.


Window GlassTinting With 3M Crystalline

Window Glass Tinting for your vehicle is such an amazing  feature to add to your car.  Giving you solar heat protection and protection from harmful UV and UVB rays is essential if you drive in Southern California. If you Commute to Work on the 405 or 5 or go on long road trips to the deserts, mountain and rivers your spending hours in the car where you are being exposed. We use 3M Crystalline film which is an Innovation in window film technology’s. Installing a totally optically clear film on your windshield to protect against 99% of UV rays and 40% of solar heat. Glass Window tinting is the perfect answer to protecting your skin while driving. This added vehicle feature makes the driving experience more enjoyable because you know you are being protected from damaging UV sun rays!


If you drive for a living, window glass tinting on your commercial vehicle is something you should seriously consider. Likewise, anyone with a long daily commute or people who travel a great deal could also benefit. Automotive window film is inexpensive and easy to install, yet will provide you with all these benefits and more.

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