Irvine Car Window TintingAre you planning to have your car tinted? There are various reasons why you have made this decision. Some of the common reasons why people want the windows if their cars tinted are privacy, decoration, protection against harmful sun rays or a prescription by their physicists. South Coast Window Tinting Irvine is the best option for your car. Our staff is highly skilled with experience spanning over 20 years. Over the years we have been able to build a good reputation within Irvine city and our county generally. We use a state of the art technology to install a life lasting tinting. Our warranties against any form of degradation are made to last for a lifetime.

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Getting your car’s windows tinted at our company is quite easy. You can contact us via a call which is operational from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays or our interactive online messaging. One of our staff will take you through the preliminaries steps and advise you on the various methods we use, which color shade is best for you windows and the price. Visiting our offices will work for your advantage since you will be in position to view sample of tinted jobs. You will also be in a position to see the various glass tinting Irvine charts as governed by the state and federal laws. Once the necessary payments have been made, your car will be scheduled for tinting within the shortest time possible. The installation process is very fast in order to avoid inconveniences for usage of your car.

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There are various methods in which tint are applied. Some of the common ways of achieving tint include:

  • Using a metalized film- thin metal layer is adhered on the glass. However, this methods has some shortcoming since the material applied is basically a metal, it exhibits electromagnet properties that may interfere with other gadgets in your car.
  • Us e of dyes- a color is added to an adhesive which is then applied on the glass.
  • Hybrids- it combines the above mentioned methods to takes the advantages of the individual
  • Application of ceramic layers- it one of the best method of achieving a high quality tint. It is a life lasting tinting methods that will over very high clarity compared to the rest.
  • Crystalline tints- it is majorly for protection against the suns harmful rays and heat. It uses the most advanced technology in the auto tinting industry that does not require darkening of the glass.

At South Coast Window Tinting Irvine, we offer the lowest prices for the best quality of window tinting around. The application process is very accurate and we also offer costume car tinting as our clients may demand. We understand the state laws governing automobile tinting irvine hence we will ensure that you will always lie on the right side of the traffic rules. Our continued quality services over the years has made us the most reliable glass tinting company for automobiles and even for residential windows, TV screens and monitors.