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Paul Nugent
Paul Nugent
Great guys know what it's all about and good prices
Thanks to the guys at south coast tint for the awesome job they did on my Landcruiser. They really took their time to walk me through my options to make sure I was happy. I really appreciated the quality customer service and great deal they did for me. Thanks again !
Stephen Carthew
Stephen Carthew
Southcoast Window Tinting are located at Unit 1, 28 Heath St, Lonsdale. They window tint cars and buildings. They apply the grade of tint to suite the customer. Friendly efficient service.
Duncan Margetts
Duncan Margetts
Superb work.. if you care about your vehicle and want the highest quality tint and application dont go anywhere else.. go and see Anthony his team. Exceptional work, attention to detail is second to none.
John Campbell
John Campbell
I had my windows tinted on our Toyota Hilux campervan plus a windscreen strip , they did an outstanding job and I would recommend to anyone who wants a top notch window tinting on there pride and joy ride to get it done here πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
steve davis
steve davis
Another big Thank you to Anthony and the team. Not only is this the only business I trust my cars to be tinted by. Always done to perfection and spotlessly clean . I have just had my house windows tinted too. As usual a hassle free process. Quickly quoted with a large range of options. The team turned up exactly on time, Did the tinting in a flash, and left no mess behind just perfectly tinted windows. Again Many Thanks,and I will see you soon with my next car πŸ™‚
Sandy Hands
Sandy Hands
Very professional job I am very happy with both of our cars and house.wouldn't go to any one else

Commercial Window Tinting

The Value that Orange County commercial window tinting brings to your property and your staff. Keeping your office comfortable is important for your staff. Unwanted hot spots and glare are annoying and make work less enjoyable. Fortunately Window film can help with that and in the process reduces your energy bill significantly. By blocking out the solar heat your central air runs less and reduce yourcarbon footprint for the whole building.

We have been working with property managers and engineers for years and can help you chose the right film for your situation and budget. License and insured to give you peace of mind South Coast Window Tinting can get the job done professionally without disruption to daily business. Give us a call on we can run an energy analysis
on the building to tell you exactly how much can be saved.

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Unique technology

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Reduce glare

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Protect your privacy

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Stay cool

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Guard against UV

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Economical alternative

Key Features



Safety and Security film is essential for business to prevent break-in, personal injury workers comp and accidental breakage. Keep your Employees and Inventory Safe with Safety and Security Film.



Reduce your Carbon Footprint by installing Commercial Window Films. Window Tint can reject up to 80% of the heat so your AC units won’t have to work as hard, reducing your energy cost by 6-10%. Tinting is also a great way to reduce the glare for computer screens making work at the office more comfortable.



Adding a Decorative film to your commercial office space can help you achieve a luxurious and unique look. There are many options to choose from. Window Film will give your office and conference room privacy without replacing glass.

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Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

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  • Lower Energy Costs
    One of the most overlooked costs of running a business is the energy costs associated with the heating and cooling of a building. The harmful sun rays come through the windows and raise the temperature in the office. This in turn causes owners to turn up the air conditioning, which will be reflected when the energy bill comes. Orange County commercial window tinting protects businesses from the unexpected costs by keeping the temperature of the office down.
  • Physical Appearance
    A fresh window tint can really have an immediate impact on the appearance of your building. The darkened windows make your business look sharp and comforting. For restaurants it shows escape from the hot summer weather and for others it makes it look more professional. Other benefits include protection from graffiti for
    your business. It directly effects the perception of your business, so why not give your business the best chance. A few extra customers brought in the door will pay for the tinting itself! Whatever your business is, a new commercial window tint can have an
    immediate impact.
  • Reduce Glare & Improve Productivity
    Southern California and OC Commercial Tinting Services Save energy and protect your employees from the sun and harmful UV rays with 3M commercial tinting services. Call (949) 422-5486 to schedule an appointment today!
    I’m sure every business runs into the problem of employees getting distracted. This can be from the glare of a computer screen, day dreaming outside, or staring at a passer-by. Regardless of how someone gets distracted it has the same effect: loss in productivity. A commercial window tint will reduce the tint on the computer screens; reduce outside visibility from the employee, as well as, the passer by. Commercial window tinting is a great way to increase work productivity.
  • Maintain a Fresh Image
    When someone first walks into your business the first thing they will see are your windows. Windows collect dirt and streak, making them unattractive to the customer. This results in a customer walking past your business. The maintenance to clean windows can be costly, as window cleaners tend to gouge their prices because of
    the high demand. Orange County commercial window tinting disguises the dirt and streaks, extending the time in between window cleaning services.
  • Extended Life of Furnishings Every year office managers spend thousands of dollars on the upkeep of an office. A
    fresh look is essential for any office to keep employees happy and to impress perspective clients. Unfortunately, UV rays can cause fading to anything that it comes in contact with. Help prevent damage to your furnishings by installing a commercial window tint. It will extend the shelf life of your office furniture, saving you money in the long run. A commercial window tint adds years to the life of your interior and saves you the cost and time of replacing items.

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